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Bringing fresh ideas to a classic brand

By Amanda Moyle


Retailers across New Zealand are using the opportunity of COVID-19 to reinvent themselves and join the modern age – Hunter Furniture being no different.

So how did Hunter Furniture and krunch.co work together to reimagine this famous furniture brand, and use modern technology to develop a whole new customer experience?

The challenge


COVID-19 changed the retail landscape. Businesses up and down the country, and around the world, have been forced to reexamine old business models and rethink their customer experiences in order to keep up in the rapidly changing economy.

For furniture in particular, business is booming. People are spending more time at home for both work and leisure, leading to an increase in spending on furniture items. Hunter Furniture, one of NZ’s most popular furniture brands for over 50 years, saw that this presented an extraordinary opportunity to push itself forward.

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The solution 


Hunter Furniture decided it was time to update its brand and customer experience to match the needs of the modern consumer. 

The retailer engaged with krunch.co to bring its new brand, Hunter Home, to life with a new corporate identity. We also armed the brand with a digital and CX strategy that utilised data, content and marketing technology to delight and nurture new and existing customers.

Working with krunch.co

Krunch.co worked closely with the Hunter Furniture team to make sure the new aesthetic reflected the warmth and modernity of the new brand, Hunter Home. This included sprucing it up with a fresh colour palette and producing a friendly, accessible typography for the brand.

Along with the new brand aesthetic, we also designed a new creative and digital strategy for Hunter’s key audiences – first to excite people about the new brand and store launch, and then to continuously nurture customers throughout their shopping journey.

This strategy was centred around customer experience powered by automation, utilising both adtech and martech platforms.

The result? A truly digital, customer-first furniture retailer, with automated experiences that are integrated across social, email and web channels.

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