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Staff Q&A: Stéphane With

By Amanda Gross


Monkey Games: Talking Salesforce, automation and more with Stéphane With

One of our newest employees in Australia, Stéphane With, joined Krunch.co in June 2017 with significant experience in marketing technology, strategy and customer journey design… and a couple of entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, too.

Amanda: So you joined the marketing automation team here at krunch.co in June, but you also dabbled in design and digital strategy in a past life.

Stephane: I actually got my Master's in design and multimedia. That's how I started out, back in France. I did a lot of graphic design and was even an art director for quite a large business.

I’ve always been a bit of an all-rounder. When I moved to Australia six years ago, I started out by running my own digital advertising agency, With Accent. It was really a one-man band but I did consulting, automation, design — all of it.

How did you transition to what you do now?

My first job in Australia was at a startup. In that environment, you meet so many entrepreneurs, technology businesses owners ... that really gets your brain bubbling. Just hearing people talk about the future and how we could deliver a personalised message and experience — that really got me hooked.

With that business, I made a case to implement Salesforce Pardot as a Marketing Automation Platform and saw great business results when it was introduced. It made the sales and marketing teams communicate much more easily, and removed a lot of frustrations, ultimately helping drive an increase in revenue.

What's your main focus at krunch.co now?

Even though I'm technically on the marketing automation team, here in Australia I also deal with clients directly, talk to them about their business challenges and help where I can. We're focused on helping businesses combine data, technology and content, to drive true and improved business outcomes. It's a hot space, so plenty of networking and events.

I'm also the go-to Salesforce guy, since I've been using it as a CRM for over five years and for marketing automation for three. Being one of the early adopters in Australia, Salesforce asked me to run webinars, and I did some small business breakfasts, speaking in front of 200 business owners about our journey and how we implemented it at our business.

Spreading the gospel, if you will.

That's it.

But you weren't always a marketing automation specialist. You mentioned you also had a short career as a budding entrepreneur...?

Ah, yes, my Monkey Games site! (MonkeyJeux.com.) I founded that with two guys, brothers, back in uni. We had this idea to do free online flash games... people could win an Xbox or PlayStation, things like that. We didn't have it for long, but it worked really well. A lot better than we expected. Eventually, we didn't have time to run it anymore, so we sold it.

And it was enough to buy your first car!

Yeah! It was! I can't remember how much we sold it for, but it was a decent price. Maybe $5,000? That's a lot when you're in uni!

What was your favourite game on the site?

Oh man, I don't remember. It was so long ago. Maybe Monkey Snow? (getting the monkey to ski down a mountain).

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