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Staff Q&A: Sarah Pickles

By Amanda Gross


She’s flown around the world for a deadline, but here at krunch.co, our pom import and Digital Producer Sarah Pickles is the one who keeps the teams cool, calm, collected and delivering world firsts on time and on budget.


Amanda: How did a girl from Manchester, England, end up in a digital marketing agency on the other side of the world?

Sarah: I started out in fashion, but eventually ended up as a creative producer for a production agency in London. I travelled the world shooting every week to locations like New York, Miami, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Cape Town, Shanghai… so it actually feels natural that I’ve now ended up living so far away from home.

You travelled every week?

It would depend on the season, but yes. On the football season, for instance, it was every week. Same with when we were filming for the Olympics campaigns.

What was the most intense project you ever worked on?

That one time we ended shooting in Barcelona at 1am and then the next morning I was on a plane to Monaco for a shoot with an Olympic athlete outside the Prince’s Palace.

What is the tightest deadline you’ve ever made?

It would have to be the time we turned around a three-day shoot in Shanghai… In Shanghai you need a visa that usually takes about 3 weeks to get, but we had three days to get this shoot done. So it was tricky! But I managed to get my crew in and out and get what we needed.

So you’re the type of person who works well under pressure…

Definitely. Getting a six-week shoot done in two days was always fine for me, but it doesn’t work well for teams!

So how does that influence what you do now as Digital Producer here at krunch.co?

I’ve had plenty of experience working on crazy-tight deadlines, so it’s my job now to make sure the teams don’t have to feel that pressure and have the time they need to create world-class work. I make sure everyone’s deadlines and workloads are achievable so we can deliver the awesome stuff we do.

What’s your favourite part of the production process?

It’s so cool to see how our Content team will receive a brief and interpret it into incredible creative videos, Facebook Canvases, and really top notch pieces of content.

It must be your creative roots!

Definitely. It’s also really awesome to watch our various departments come together to create world firsts like the sport integration with Sky TV. We’ve got some clever people here!

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