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Staff Q&A: Lucy Strack


Lucy Strack’s penchant for hardcore sport translates into her daily hustle at work, where she pulls together krunch’s multifaceted digital capabilities into data-driven campaigns for some of New Zealand’s most well-known brands.

What’s your background, and what led you to become an Account Manager?

Previously, was in the Marketing team at Hyundai. There, I worked mainly with sponsorship and events - which I loved - but I wanted to grow and see all facets of marketing, so I was looking for something fast-paced and agile that would give me exposure to the latest digital trends.

At krunch, we work with a huge amount of data, and as an account manager I ensure clients get the right data feedback to make business decisions. My ‘client side’ background helps me hugely in this role, I like to think of myself as an extension of their marketing team.

What do you think the key is to building successful client partnerships in the digital world?

Transparency and trust. We can run the spectrum of being a supplier to a trusted partner - it all comes down to the relationships we have and the service we provide.

Digital can be simple - it’s all about making big data digestible. It is so important for me to have these tight relationships with my clients so I know exactly the outcome they are after. Basics are crucial, then we can go the extra mile.

The digital world is constantly changing. What do clients need to do in order to keep up?

Specialise to generalise. There are so many tools, apps, blogs, vlogs…. You can't keep up with everything all at once. By specialising in one area at a time, you can be a specialist generalist - brilliant!

I also like to surround myself in people who are smarter than me - osmosis is a beautiful thing!

What’s been your favourite campaign or project you’ve worked on at krunch?

I have really enjoyed working with a couple of my clients on fleshing out their automated comms on the path to purchase. Through people learning and behaviour, we have triggered touch points to customers and matching comms via social to capture engagement and drive sales.

Complete this sentence with three adjectives… The most successful Account Managers are….[A], [B], [C].

Relationship focused, client-centric and ALWAYS ask why.

You’re also an elite athlete, having formerly represented NZ at rowing. Now you spend your free time training and competing in various events including the Auckland Marathon, Taupo Iron Man and World Champs Long Distance Triathlon… we can’t keep up! What motivates you to get through when you’re training and competing?

I rowed professionally for 5 years, not to mention the years building to that point, so it’s fair to say the office life feels pretty foreign. I need to keep my body and my mind active and always need a challenge. This gets the better of me and once I get started, I have this overwhelming need to push myself and find the limit… The problem is, like anything, the more you train / learn, the more ambitious the goal or limit can be.

I am currently training for another Ironman and hope to compete at Kona this year. I think if I didn't dream or push myself then life would be dull ;) I also live off endorphins and I think the training energises me for work.

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