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Staff Q&A: Glen McMillan


Glen McMillan, our new Head of Marketing Automation, talks customer journeys and the ways automation can make or break your customer experience in 2018.


Firstly, welcome! Tell us a bit about yourself and why you’ve decided to join krunch.co.

I started out as a coder and still love getting hands-on, but tend to think a bit more abstractly these days. I like that krunch.co embodies the oft-heard, but seldom seen promise of ‘all the expertise under one roof’.

You’ve provided technology and digital transformation leadership and solutions to a variety of companies including APD, Affinity Id and Hemisphere Interactive. What has been a career highlight thus far?

At APD I was responsible for our flagship Software as a Service Marketing Automation platform. We were given the challenge to migrate from “bare metal” physical infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services cloud seemlessly with minimal downtime. In performing this migration, under my technology leadership, we also refactored and dramatically improved system performance and availability by leveraging cloud native functions such as content delivery, distributed storage, auto-scaling and auto-failover.

The migration was a three month project and the switch over was executed within a few hours of “scheduled maintenance” on a single day… a significant technical achievement!

Marketing Automation technology is continuously evolving. How should companies be leveraging it in 2018?

Create your ideal customer journey and align your Marketing Automation technology deployment strategically, but don’t forget the people and process that enable it. Without these, your million dollar toolbox might as well be full of hammers.

What does AI marketing mean in 2018, and what are its benefits?

The potential of AI is its immediate access to vast amount of information and its ability to leverage that toward positive outcomes for businesses and for people. We see AI as a digital assistant in one way or another, but the use cases that I think offer the greatest benefit to marketers are much more specific, from predicting customer behaviour, to understanding brand sentiment. And this capability is off the shelf – no data scientists required.

AI technologies are already playing a huge role in marketing and digital transformation, and will continue to do so in the near future. How do you see AI marketing changing the way companies approach their digital marketing?

I’m thinking about how AI can improve customer experience and drive value across traditional channels. Segmentation, personalisation, content optimisation and recommendations are all areas I think we can see AI making a huge difference. Not forgetting Siri and Bixby which will account for a huge proportion of all search in the near future.

What’s the best way for companies to keep up with AI marketing and ensure they’re making informed decisions on how to employ these technologies?

Constantly optimise (or reinvent) your customer journey and engage the right expertise to build interactions that are ahead of your customers’ expectations.

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