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How krunch.co delivered 880% return on ad spend


In the run up to Christmas 2019, Sanford and Sons needed to capture share of wallet as food shoppers prepared for the busy Christmas entertaining season.

With minimal budgets, and faced with heavy competitive spends, we created a 12-day social and web campaign, “The 12 Days of Fishmas,” to drive sales and database leads.

The campaign delivered the highest monthly online sales revenues ever achieved (measured against all channels) whilst lead generation ads generated 120% more leads than forecasted – delivering over 3,000 new leads into the database.

Overall the campaign delivered 880% return on ad spend. Here’s how we did it.

The challenge

A boutique fish market that prides itself on its super-fresh “dock to door” method, Sanford and Sons competes with small fish retailers as well as grocery giants Foodstuffs and Australian-owned Countdown, which make up the impenetrable grocery duopoly in New Zealand.

At Christmastime, Sanford and Sons faces the additional challenge of competing with Christmas mainstays like turkey and ham to earn seafood a place at the Christmas dinner table.

Plus, while Sanford and Sons has been established since 1904, a recent rebrand meant that not many New Zealanders are aware of its brand promise and retail offerings.

How could Sanford and Sons be smart about how to compete with the massive seasonal advertising spending of the big box stores, while changing the hearts and minds of New Zealanders and what they like on their Christmas dinner plate – all the while gaining awareness for their newly refreshed retail brand?

The solution

We set out with several objectives:

  • Drive online fish and seafood sales and increase foot traffic and in-store sales in the busy weeks leading up to Christmas
  • Build a database of new leads for future demand generation marketing
  • Leave a lasting brand impression that cuts through the Christmas noise

To align with our “12 Days of Fishmas” theme, Sanford and Sons created 8 irresistible retail offers and 4 prize draws. Each was offered on a daily basis in an “advent calendar for fish” format, showing customers both why they should choose Sanford and Sons fish and how easy it was to get it fresh for their Christmas table.

We “hosted” these daily deals on a custom-built landing page with an advent calendar-like design and advertised them via social and email, exciting customers about what ‘gift’ would be around the corner.

These unique, “24-hours-only” retail offers were distributed in channels from which customers could immediately take action, and created a sense of urgency and inspiration that drove action and results.

Sanford Fishmas advent calendar design.
We designed an advent calendar-style countdown on a custom landing page for Sanford and Sons’ 12 Days of Fishmas.

The results

The 12 Days of Fishmas campaign achieved an astonishing 880% return on ad spend and a 102% increase in online sales year on year – setting an all-time online sales revenue record for Sanford and Sons (measured against all channels) whilst lead generation ads generated 120% more leads than forecast.

Key results:

  • 880% return on ad spend
  • 3,311 new users added to the database
  • 79% of new leads came from Facebook lead ads

This relevant, targeted and engaging paid social proved its worth as it outperformed all prior pre-Christmas activity.

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