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Krunch.co’s Digital Marketing Predictions for 2018

By Amanda Gross


The last 12 months have been filled to the brim with new developments across the digital marketing world. Here at krunch.co, we’ve got our sights set on the future. We asked some of our top thinkers what they think will be the trends to define 2018.


1) Search will be all about voice

Amazon’s Alexa and Echo, along with Google Home and Apple’s upcoming HomePod, are officially launching in Australia and New Zealand in 2018. Our Head of Search and Analytics, Jonathan Swanston, predicts this will have major implications for search trends.

“Google and Amazon want to push the theory that these devices are your personal assistant — so now brands need to focus on how they can mimic this in search but also in general, to offer the best assistance possible to their consumers,” Swanston says.

Already we’ve seen a trend toward longer, more conversational search query phrases on search engines like Google. But with people asking their home robots to tell them everything from how to boil an egg to what the weather is like in Vanuatu, consumers will be expecting this type of intelligent response from all of the tech they interact with on a daily basis.

2) We’ll be chatting with robots

We won’t just be chatting with robots at home, according to Robert Moritz, Head of Content at krunch.co.

“2017 was the year chatbots came into the mainstream, especially with Facebook Messenger opening up the platform to them, but 2018 is when we start to see a real move into transactional conversations facilitated by bots,” Moritz says.

Will these automated-response messengers replace salespeople? Probably not anytime soon. Although they’re making headway in the transactional realm, it may still be a while until we start seeing real, relationship-based communication happening with bots.

“Last year, they were dealing with customer support,” says Moritz. “Now we see them bring the money in.”

3) Machines will keep on learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, and Sandra Silva, krunch.co’s Head of Digital, believes it will significantly improve the digital customer experience in the next year.

“In my opinion, 2018 will be all about the automation and integration of data across multiple platforms in order to improve accuracy and customised offline attribution models,” Silva says.

Already, AI is helping marketers with more precise, timely messaging, but as these machines get smarter and smarter, we’ll be able to demand even more of them. This will keep content creation relevant and accurate, and allow marketers to allocate their budgets more efficiently than ever.

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