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Cisco Networking Academy achieves great results with data attribution

Case Study


Using people-based multi-touch and offline data attribution, Cisco Networking Academy achieved stronger business outcomes with its recent campaign.


Cisco Networking Academy has a goal to positively impact 1 billion lives globally by 2025 by offering a range of courses in various technology fields, such as programming, IT and security. Recently, they needed to generate student enrolments for two new online courses on the Internet of Things and Linux. These courses act as a top of funnel on-ramp for Cisco Networking Academy’s overarching goal.

In partnership with Cisco Networking Academy, krunch.co built a digital campaign on Facebook aimed at acquiring new student enrolments over the course of a quarter. Using Facebook link ads, krunch.co achieved results that were nothing short of extraordinary:

  • 10m unique people reached globally
  • 900,000 people visited the website
  • 80,000 new student enrolments generated
  • 2.3X more cost efficient cost per enrolment than previous campaign period

Through krunch.co’s people-based multi-touch and offline data attribution, the team at Cisco Networking Academy could see that the paid ads on Facebook that drove the best cost per click or clickthrough rate were not necessarily the ads that drove the most cost-efficient enrolment generation, which was the true objective.

This key insight allowed krunch.co to optimise content and campaign methodology to achieve the actual business outcome, versus the digital marketing outcome, leading to a better result overall for Cisco.

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