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Now more than ever, companies must be in front of their customers


Getting your marketing just right was tricky already, but add in an uncertain economy, resurging COVID-19 cases and ongoing closed borders, and you’ve got a genuine challenge.

So what should you be thinking about right now in order to achieve maximum results despite the uncertainty?

Try these five tips from the team at krunch.co.

1. Go where your audience goes


Think about where your audience is spending the most time and focus your marketing efforts there.

Everyone is spending vast amounts of time on social media during lockdown, so now is not the time to abandon those channels!

  • Mark Milicich, Digital Campaign Manager

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2. Listen to your customers


Now more than ever we need to listen. Listen to how people are feeling, to what people need, how they are changing. When we put people at the core of our business, we can find new ways to grow by becoming something more than just a brand.

Be brave, be ambitious. Define where you can add value to your customers’ lives, and what role you will play in their post-COVID futures. Can you add value in that future? Then work to reshape your marketing strategy around that.

  • Gisela Montello-Bruce, Senior Client Business Director

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3. Show real empathy


Genuine empathy is a key component of marketing while COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives. Customers are of a wholly different mindset now compared to six months ago, and so their attitudes and behaviours – buying habits, pain points or challenges, needs and desires – have been altered on a seismic level, too.

Authentic, empathetic messaging, no matter the channel, speaks volumes about the values of your brand.

  • Shane Roberts, Production Manager

4. Stay front of mind


The businesses that will survive and thrive during, and after, the COVID-19 lockdowns are those who remain top-of-mind. Now is not the time to reduce marketing initiatives, but to expand them.

This might be difficult when budgets are tight. So, instead of thinking about the cost of marketing, think about what you’ll get back. You cannot sell a secret!

  • Richard Nelson, Senior Marketing Automation Consultant

5. Tie marketing activity to real outcomes


When using multiple digital channels and getting a wealth of data, marketers need to “close the loop” when reporting results.

It’s crucial now more than ever to measure campaign performance against actual business outcomes, where possible linking data from operational systems to identify whether a goal was reached – thereby closing the loop from marketing through to result.

  • Glen McMillan, Solution Architect

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