Aerodrive Marketing Plan + Execution


The Context

The border shutdown and Coronavirus lockdown in New Zealand caused shattering disruption to the car rental industry. With zero international tourists, who normally form the bulk of the rental vehicles customer base, and with the market about to enter the quieter winter season when (ski season aside) fewer Kiwis would be travelling, Aerodrive faced an enormous challenge. As a relatively new brand in market, and without the awareness or budgets of the competition, Aerodrive still needed to efficiently find, engage and convert customers in a highly challenging marketplace. It was a true fight for survival!


Business Goals

Increase online rental bookings, improve the order value of those bookings, drive traffic to the website and increase overall brand awareness. We needed to help the brand not just survive but thrive!



Identifying the key brand differentiator (a premium and luxury European fleet), we created an integrated, performance marketing plan geared to aid recovery.

In social media, Custom, Lookalike and Interest-based audiences were built using 1st Party Data. Using multiple ad variations, covering vehicle type, call to action and price point, the campaign signposted the brand, building awareness and driving traffic to the website.

Paid Search was the core revenue driver. Continuous optimisation of keywords, bids, ad copy was key, as was the use of Ad-extensions and accurate geo-targeting of the right high intent audiences at the right times and in the right places.


Key Outcomes

The business broke it’s all time daily revenue record twice in July 2020 with paid media transactions growing by nearly 160%.

To date (Apr – Oct 2020), paid media shows a 6x return on spend.

Comparing high-season, summer paid search activity (Dec 2019-Mar 2020) vs post-Covid winter recovery activity (Apr – Jul 2020), the channels performed as follows:


  • +146% transactions
  • -76% cost per acquisition
  • -53% cost-per-click


  • +800% transactions
  • -86% cost per acquisition
  • +122% landing page views


Key to success was agility – Aerodrive worked closely with on a freedom-within-a-framework basis. Frequent check-ins and clear, unambiguous guidance enabled the team to operate with the flexibility required to best deliver the required outcomes.


“The focus on performance has consistently helped deliver revenue, with the highest figures in Aerodrive’s history coming at a time when we needed it most. Great partnership!”

Dane Fisher
General Manager, Giltrap Group