The positive associations of a birthday can prove powerful when brands leverage them in their CX strategy. 

The positive associations of a birthday can prove powerful when brands leverage them in their CX strategy. 

The positive associations of a birthday can prove powerful when brands leverage them in their CX strategy. 

Content is a must-have digital marketing tool, but as with all components in the marketing machine, there’s a right and wrong way to go about producing it. How, then, do organisations generate the best possible ROI from their digital content? By following these three rules: Rule 1: Content isn’t any less important   Content might …

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Engagement is the holy grail of digital content. An engaged customer is a customer who can be entertained, educated and, most importantly, converted. But how can Kiwi organisations build their engagement? We asked the experts at for their advice: 1. Understand the customer   To build up a conceptual foundation, organisations should consider undertaking …’s top tips to win brand engagement Read More »

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn regularly take the top spots for most popular social media platforms for marketing, but for an organisation to restrict itself solely to these platforms could be a mistake – after all, if an audience likes to spend time elsewhere and other businesses haven’t clicked, this presents a significant marketing opportunity. In …

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Augmented Reality. It’s the stuff of science fiction, yet its use is increasingly prevalent in digital society – in fact, the AR market is currently estimated to be worth US$16.6 billion, growing to US$198 billion by 2025. Additionally, customers seem to prefer it: 71% of consumers would shop at a retail store more if it …

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Businesses are competing in a war for attention. While this may cause some to flock to new technologies, these aren’t a magic wand. Using digital solutions without backing them up with the right data, strategy and strong content will not create better results. What should marketers do to ensure their tech and digital capability are …

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A third of New Zealand jobs could be automated in the next 20 years. This figure, from a 2018 Infometrics report, highlights why so many Kiwis are worried about their future in an AI-driven world. But creative roles aren’t under threat, are they? Turns out – yes. Let’s look at some of the new AI …

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Content might be king, but personalisation is next in line. The digital revolution has put power in the hands of customers, and with the advent of automation through AI all signs suggest that this will only continue. Businesses of the future need to master the collecting and harnessing of data using AI-driven tools in order …

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