What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a key technology that enables you to engage with your customers automatically, on a personal level but at scale

It’s a relationship-oriented approach to communicating with, learning about and listening to your customers, creating and maintaining meaningful connections that you can see and utilise to everyone’s advantage.

Automate, streamline and evaluate your marketing activity to better understand and provide for your clientele – and generate measurable returns.

Features of Marketing Automation software platforms include email and social marketing, landing pages and forms, campaign management, demographic and behavioural lead scoring and management, CRM integration, analytics and more.

Features and Functions

Who uses Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is beneficial to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest start-ups to well-known heavyweights. While B2B industries have long embraced the advantages of being able to automate and measure their marketing tasks, this in-demand technology is now increasingly being adopted by B2C enterprises and beyond. Why wouldn’t you want to make your operations more efficient and increase your revenue faster, while nurturing valued customers and connecting with new ones in a way that’s meaningful to them?

Why ?

Andy Schick - Head of Marketing Automation 

Our team of Marketing Automation specialists are Marketo-certified, which means they’re trained to help you get the most out of your campaigns. Whether you’re new to using Marketo or already have an account, we’re here to help you to get real results.

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